No Mecha-Hitler in Wolfenstein


An id Software representative has confirmed that the upcoming Wolfenstein will not feature mecha-Hitler as an end boss, a move that has been described as “totally lame” by at least one Escapist staff writer.

There are fewer villains more immediately iconic than good ol’ Adolf Hitler. Not only was the dude a total megalomaniac and completely evil, but he has the dubious advantage of, y’know, actually being real. Many old-school gamers have fond memories of opening that final door in Wolfenstein 3D and coming face-to-face with not just Hitler … but Hitler in a mecha combat suit with chaingun hands.

That’s some serious final boss material right there. I guess Return to Castle Wolfenstein had a pretty cool end boss too, what with him being a giant immortal German berserker knight, but … he’s no mecha-Hitler. Sadly, id Software confirmed that the robo-Fuhrer would not be making a return appearance in Raven Software’s upcoming Wolfenstein, for a very good reason: B.J. Blazkowicz already killed him dead.

“No,” id community manager Peter Sokal told Destructoid, “in this game there will be no Hitler. We love ‘Mecha Hitler.’ Obviously, he’s one of the classic bad guys in videogames. It’s so famous in Wolf 3D when you finally killed him off, but this time around – like I said – it takes place after the events of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.”

“So, we wanted to expand on that story, make it a lot deeper story arc this time around. For the story we were trying to tell this time, it just didn’t really fit to have Hitler and Mecha Hitler in the game.”

Okay, you know what? I can buy that. It’s totally lame, but I can buy that.

Notice that he didn’t say anything about mecha-Goebbels, though. We can still hope.

(Via VG247)

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