Realtime Worlds says there will be no more new downloadable content for Crackdown, and even the persuasive might of an internet petition won’t change its mind.

In a post on the official Crackdown forum, Community Relations Manager Chris Dye wrote, “Unfortunately from a Realtime Worlds perspective there will not be any additional DLC for Crackdown; the company has moved onto our next project, APB, and is 100% committed to that and other projects yet to be announced, and as such we are not in a position to work on any new Crackdown content. I’m sorry this isn’t exactly the news you are all waiting for… Thank you for all the support you have given Crackdown over the past 18 months, and I do hope that we can do something to repay that support in the future.”

Crackdown is an open-ended third-person shooter, developed by Realtime Worlds and published by Microsoft. The game was released in February 2007, and follow-up DLC, some released free, added various game features and bug fixes. Realtime Worlds has since begun work on APB, a Windows-based MMOG currently slated for release in 2009.

I can relate to the petitioners’ anger, in a way; I’m still pissed off that there hasn’t been a proper Baldur’s Gate expansion since Throne of Bhaal. But the fact is that even with DLC, no game lasts forever, and it’s been over a year and a half since Crackdown launched. Realtime Worlds has shown great commitment to their game, but not expecting them to move on to bigger and better things is unfair and unreasonable.

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