Ubisoft has put out a new video starring No More Heroes 2 designer Suda 51 chatting up his game’s new features, the most interesting of which are the new job missions, which are designed as 8-bit-esque 2D games.

The first No More Heroes smacked of retro nostalgia from head to toe, from the pixel-heart that represented Travis Touchdown’s health to the enemies who spouted dozens of gold coins when you decapitated them with your lightsaber, err, “beam katana.” No More Heroes 2 is upping the old-school tribute factor to a whole other level, though.

The job missions which provided mundane interludes between assassination levels in No More Heroes 1 have been replaced with, well, job missions that are done up in the style of classic 2D, 8-bit games. The coconut gathering job now finds Travis shaking down fruit from palm trees that look straight out of Sonic, there’s some kind of Pipe Dream-type puzzle thing and what looks like a game where Travis has to cook burgers. These job missions might be just as boring as they were before – which was the point, really – but at least this time around they’ll have this ridiculous nostalgia value.

Other new features Suda touches on in the video include some new katana abilities – you can now slice enemies vertically, and, since Travis now dual-wields his laser blades, can slice them with two horizontal slices. Travis’ arsenal of wrestling moves has also been expanded, but really, you should watch the video for Suda. The guy – his Japanese voice dubbed over by some guy with a ridiculously deep voice – plays with toilet paper, threatens to slice your head off and even almost suplexes a guy over the course of the four minute clip. And this is all in a bathroom stall.

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