This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews No More Heroes 3.

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I’m confused, Suda51. I was under the impression there were no more heroes three games ago. Then you had a Desperate Struggle trying to find a few to carry the sequel the way one roots around in a stubborn nostril for the last scraps of tasty bogey before anyone notices, then the series went quiet for so long and I feel like I’d finally come to terms with there being No More Heroes, only for you to find a few more lying around for another sequel. Were there ever No More Heroes, Suda51? Final Fantasy never fucking ends, Mega Man is blatantly not old enough to shave – I don’t know who to trust anymore. Yeah, I know Psychonauts 2 is out, I’m doing No More Heroes 3 first because while both games are my jam, Psychonauts is my jam spread conventionally on a piece of tasty bread, and No More Heroes is my jam running down the inner thighs of a high school music teacher who was almost in a successful band and never shuts up about it. Yes, the first kind of jam might be tastier and a generally more hygienic experience, but the second captures my interest more. As you might have guessed from the Cruelty Squad review, I love surreal post-punk games stitched together from the singular vision of one, very easily bored person. I love stream of consciousness shit.

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