These two have absorbed all the love the world has for Harry Potter and Twilight, leaving none for the rest of us.

Moviefone, AOL’s film site, is holding a contest to find the world’s biggest Harry Potter and Twilight fans. The site indicates that the prize is “the t-shirt of [the winner’s] choice from Busted Tees and additional prizes to be determined.” As the internet loves making collective decisions, the winners have all but been chosen. The contest isn’t over, so neither has yet been crowned Biggest Fan, but you can’t deny that their love for their respective fandoms is…impressive.

Representing Harry Potter, we have “Harry Potter himself:”

Coming to bat for Twilight is “Anita Lautner:”

The contest winner will be determined by the votes of the populace, and announced on November 22. Moviefone reminds you that “entry for submissions and voting period ends Fri., Nov. 19 at 3PM ET.” At this point, I wouldn’t enter, as you have no chance of winning, but I would be remiss if I didn’t provide you with the voting information. These kids really deserve those tee-shirts.

Source: Moviefone, via Topless Robot

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