No Ordinary Family Stars Hedging Their Bets on Second Season

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With the superhero show struggling in the ratings, its stars are already looking for their escape routes.

The superhero-themed family show No Ordinary Family has pulled a “Dollhouse,” which is to say that it’s finished its first season, but it’s second season is far from guaranteed. Stars Julie Benz and Michael Chiklis are hardly the faces of confidence either, as both have signed up to film new TV pilots in the event that the show gets cancelled.

Chiklis will appear in the pilot for the CBS comedy, Vince Interrupted, while Benz will appear in a currently- unnamed supernatural medical drama director by the Oscar winning director Jonathan Demme, who also directed Silence of the Lambs.. Benz will appear alongside Watchmen star, Patrick Wilson, who played the part of the second Nite Owl. Both actors have booked the pilots in the “second position” however, meaning that if No Ordinary Family does get renewed for a second season, they will drop out of the pilots and return to the show.

Reviews for No Ordinary Family have been mixed, although mostly positive, and even some of the less-impressed reviewers conceded that the show had potential. But after a strong start, the series has steadily lost viewers, with sources suggesting that its audience has halved since the show started last year.

Source: Blastr

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