No PC Splitscreen, Pilotable Y-Wings For Battlefront

DICE answers some of the most frequently asked Star Wars: Battlefront questions in its latest blog post.

A new blog post from Star Wars: Battlefront developer DICE has just answered some of the most commonly asked questions from eager fans. Among the disappointments are the fact that players won’t actually be able to pilot the iconic Y-Wing, and that the PC version of the game will lack the split-screen functionality of the console versions.

Additionally, it explained a little about how vehicles will spawn in the Walker Assault game mode. “In Walker Assault, vehicles are tied to the power up system. When you find a vehicle power up on the map, you will need to activate it, which immediately spawns you inside the vehicle,” explained the blog post.

“Vehicle power ups specifically must be used within a certain amount of time. This is a design decision to allow more equal distribution of the vehicle power ups amongst all players.” Looks like there will be no more camping vehicle spawns in base for Battlefront.

Lastly, DICE stated that playing the game’s singleplayer Missions do not grant you multiplayer career experience, but do provide you with credit rewards you can spend on buying unlocks.

Battlefront launches on November 17, just a few weeks before J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awkens.

Source: DICE

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