Northgard Adds a New Clan

Shiro Games adds the Raven Clan to Norse-themed RTS Northgard.

Northgard, the indie viking RTS that, one day after its Early Access release was number one on Steam’s top sellers list, has added a new clan: The Raven Clan.

The game previously features three different factions – the Clan of the Wolf, the Clan of the Stag, and the Clan of the Goat – each with unique starting bonuses and fame bonuses (bonuses that are unlocked as your fame increases), along with unique lore updates.

The new clan are “great explorers and merchants” and are regarded as “strong trade partners.” They receive trade bonuses, along with a new building – the Harbor, which allows for coastal scouting. The new building also lets players hire mercenaries to attack territories that are farther away. In addition, the Raven Clan can also use krowns to colonize new territories instead of food.

I’ve spent quite a few hours with Northgard, and was also able to get hands-on with the new Clan at PAX East. You can check out my full preview of the game here.

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