The F2P game will pit Humans against Vampires.

Back in the dark ages, when consoles didn’t connect online and chatting was done through an ancient device called “AIM”, there existed a series of action adventure games call Legacy of Kain. It featured a dark world of vampires, curses, and murder. Eventually, it spawned the Soul Reaver and Blood Omen games, but the bloodline ran thin and the series vanished along with the Playstation 2. However, last summer, Square Enix announced that it was revitalizing the series with Nosgoth, a multiplayer game set in the same universe. What exactly does that mean? How would that work? Those questions which haunted us for so long have finally been answered.

Instead of the typical story-driven action game like before, Nosgoth will be a team-based multiplayer game focused on the war between Humans and Vampires. It’s asymmetrically balanced, where the Vampires have wings and supernatural abilities, while the humans have various guns and gadgets, not entirely unlike Natural Selection. Nosgoth will be set in its own distinct era from the previous games, so while it will share lore, you won’t feel lost if you’re new here. The franchise has been dormant for a decade, after all, so even most fans could likely could use a refresher.

Not only that, but developer Psyonix has most of the working pieces in place and is opening up registration for the upcoming closed beta to get player feedback.

Nosgoth will be free-to-play and available on Steam. No release date has been announced.

Source: Nosgoth

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