Now Introducing: The Escapist’s Anime Reviews


The Escapist is broadening its horizons with reviews of those crazy Japanese TV shows – you know, the ones with schoolgirls and giant robots and stuff.

You may have noticed that last week, we had some reviews going up that weren’t exactly our usual fare.

So, now we at The Escapist are pleased to formally open up our Anime Reviews section – though it may be fairly sparse at the moment, it’ll soon get bigger! Or, you can check our Reviews page, where the bottom row will be the six most recent anime reviews. Like the rest of our content, our anime reviewer team is committed to still bringing you the best in cultural journalism … only with a focus on those wacky cartoons from across the Pacific.

In keeping with Escapist company policy, we will only be reviewing titles officially released in the United States – but there are still plenty of those.

Stay tuned for more reviews to come! Because hey, anime has something for everyone. Like giant mecha. Everyone likes giant mecha.

What, you don’t?

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