Now That StarCraft Is Free For Everyone, Enjoy These Cheats

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The original StarCraft is now totally, 100% free for everyone on PC. While you’re enjoying the love of this classic franchise, why not jump back into the nostalgia of cheat codes? It feels all warm and fuzzy, still.

Like all classic cheat codes, these are super-easy to enter and apply to your singleplayer adventure. There are codes that make everything easy, give you godmode, let you build past the population limit, or remove Fog of War. Basically, they’re everything we wish cheat codes could be nowadays.

Dive right into the cheat codes list below, helpfully provided by the oh-so Web 1.0 classic Battlenet. That site is worth a revisit too. It’s so charmingly 1998.

Don’t miss out on the totally free release of StarCraft! You can download the installer here: [PC] / [MAC]

StarCraft Cheats Guide

To enter a cheat, press the [Enter] key. Type the cheat, then press [Enter] again. These cheats apply to the PC / Mac version of StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War.

The cheat codes below appear in bold.

power overwhelming – God Mode [Toggle]

show me the money – Gives 10,000 Gas & 10,000 Crystal [Repeatable]

operation CWAL – Faster unit / building construction

the gathering – Unlimited energy to all casting units

game over man – Ends the game with a “Game Over” failure.

staying alive – Makes your current game continue forever – no win / lose state. [Toggle]

there is no cow level – Instantly completes your current mission.

whats mine is mine – 500 minerals [Repeatable]

breathe deep – 500 Vespene Gas [Repeatable]

something for nothing – Unlocks all upgrades

black sheep wall – Reveals the map, removes all fog of war

medieval man – All unit upgrades are free

modify the phase variance – All buildings are available for construction.

war aint what it used to be – Disables Fog of War

food for thought – Unlocks the unit limit, allowing you to build above max population.

Ophelia – Enter to enable level skipping. Type in the name of the level you want to skip to, and press enter. (Ex. “terran8” or “xterran3” — Use “x” before map name for Brood War campaign levels.)

StarCraft: Brood War Cheats

These cheats only work in the StarCraft: Brood War singleplayer expansion.

radio free zerg – Plays the secret Zerg theme song. Only available if you’re playing as the Zerg.

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