Science fiction takes one step closer to being science fact …

You’ve gotta love the folks at AutoNOMOS Labs in Germany. In the past, the team created a system that let folks drive cars with their iPhones, but this new project is even cooler. Now, AutoNOMOS has revealed “BrainDriver”, a project that lets people drive cars with their brainwaves.

The research team designed a computer system that could, with the aid of a sensor headset, be taught to read the electromagnetic signals in a person’s brain. At the moment, the system is pretty basic: A person can only make the car turn left/right, accelerate, and brake. As you can see in the video, there’s still a bit of lag time between a driver thinking about what they want the car to do and the car actually doing it.

At the moment, BrainDriver clearly isn’t ready to go on the road, but it’s certainly an amazing first step for an extremely ambitious project. Once they perfect the mind control setup, I hope AutoNOMOS decides to tackle the challenge of making cars fly.

Source: Jalopnik

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