In a recent appearance on CNBC, an NPD analyst offered preliminary figures indicating that the Xbox 360 sold 2 million units for the months of November and December. The Wii was close behind.

If NPD’s preliminary figures are to be believed, the Xbox 360 sold roughly 1.5 million units in December once you subtract that 511,000 moved the previous month. That makes 5.3 million Xbox 360’s total in the U.S., bringing Microsoft close to the 10 million units sold worldwide target.

NPD also revealed that initial estimates show 1.8 million Nintendo Wii’s sold during the same period, not far behind the Xbox 360 and close to Nintendo’s own shipping targets for North America, once Canada is included.

Finally, the PS3 estimates are as low as analysts expected them to be. 750,000 PS3 units are thought to have sold in the US so far, well behind the other console makers due to shortages.

NPD should release final numbers later in the month.

Source: CNBC

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