Under controlled conditions, Borderlands 2 looks rather nice on Nvidia’s handheld.

Nvidia announced Project SHIELD earlier in the year: an Android-based gaming handheld that can stream games from compatible PCs thanks to its Tegra 4 processor. The graphics company recently released a video showing off the device’s streaming capabilities, and it looks like Project SHIELD can handle Borderlands 2 with no apparent issues.

The video shows a glimpse of the device’s UI running on Android Jelly Bean before connecting to a nearby “Falcon Tiki” PC and browsing through a list of games on Steam. When the presenter fires up Borderlands 2, the device appeared to run the game quite smoothly and there was negligible lag between the handheld device and the PC screen. The video adds that the device was able to display everything at 60 frames per second, with Vsync and PhysX enabled and high-res textures selected.

The presenter added that the device’s onboard speakers were “tuned to replicate accurate, distortion-free sound” and engineered to sound bigger than their size would suggest. Unfortunately, the video suggested that the speakers were only capable of providing tinny noises. Maybe we just had to be there to appreciate it?

Project SHIELD is expected to be available in Q2 2013.

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