Nyancat and Robot Unicorn Attack Now Live in Harmony


The “Nyanicorn” is here, and it will destroy your life.

There are probably people in the internet that haven’t seen Nyancat yet, and it’s unclear whether they should be envied or pitied. For the uninitiated, Nyancat is a simple website that features a cat with a breakfast treat for a body (usually a Pop-tart, now buttered toast) flying through space and leaving a trail of rainbows, all set to a never-ending looping soundtrack of … okay, I’m not actually quite sure, exactly.

Whatever it is, it’s equal parts horrifying and mesmerizing.

Naturally, it was only a matter of time before someone took Nyancat and crossed it with Adult Swim’s excellent Robot Unicorn Attack: Enter the Nyanicorn.

Nyanicorn works exactly the same as RUA: Press Z to jump and collect candy (Nyancat loves sweets), press X to rainbow dash (heh, Rainbow Dash) through Nyancat’s hated veggies. The only thing it’s missing is Erasure’s “Always” in the background, but then again it wouldn’t be Nyancat without the Nyancat song.

I’m not all that up-to-date on my religious studies, but I’m pretty sure a Nyancat/Robot Unicorn hybrid is one of the initial signs of the apocalypse. Just saying.


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