Obsidian Head Says Bethesda Staying Hands-Off With Fallout: New Vegas


Fallout may be in Bethesda’s hands now but Feargus Urquhart says Obsidian Entertainment is very much behind the wheel on the drive to New Vegas.

Fallout began life well over a decade ago at Black Isle Studios but, long story short, Black Isle was shuttered and then reborn as Obsidian Entertainment, while the Fallout series lay dormant for ten years before being revived under the care and control of Bethesda. Now, it’s like deja vu all over again: Obsidian is back at the helm, working on the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas, and old-time fans of the series will be happy to hear that Bethesda is letting them run with the ball.

“We all played Fallout 3 to death,” Urquhart told The Escapist. “One, because we wanted to, two, because we needed to really understand it. So we really wanted to understand what they were trying to accomplish and what their vision was. And then we followed up with questions.”

“The amount of conflict that has existed – like, ‘Why can’t we do this?’ – ‘Well you just can’t’ – it’s been like four things. A lot of it has to do with that they have ideas for the future and so they just don’t want us to go playing with where they see their future,” he continued. “For one of them, we were thinking of a certain city and they said, ‘We want to reserve that for something we want to do.’ It didn’t really hurt what we were doing at all.”

Check out the full interview at Fearqus Urquhart Comes Home, right here at The Escapist.

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