Okamiden Trademarked in North America, Europe


Okamiden, the DS sequel to the cult hit Okami, has been trademarked in North America and Europe – suggesting that Capcom is planning on bringing the title overseas. Everyone say it with me now: “PUPPY!”

When Okamiden, the DS sequel to 2006’s beloved Okami, was announced back in September, everyone who’d bought the original game (yes, all 26 of them) stood up in a collective shout of “Yes!” and “Awww, lookit the little baby wolf-goddess!” Then, they promptly sat back down again, as they realized that Capcom might not be planning to localize the title – heavily steeped in Japanese culture and folklore – at all.

Well, this may not be a confirmation, but you can breathe a little bit easier now: Siliconera has unearthed Capcom trademarks for Okamiden in both Europe and North America, meaning that – at the very least – somebody is talking about bringing the DS platformer and its adorable protagonist Chibiterasu to the Western shores.

But when you think about this, it really makes sense. If Capcom localized freaking Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, these guys will localize anything!

I want to hug Chibiterasu. I really, really do.

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