Okami’s HD Makeover Is Just Around the Corner


The Move-compatible re-release of Okami hits PS3s this October.

Yesterday, accompanied by a new trailer, Capcom announced that the high-definition remake of the late Clover Studio’s well-received Okami would be released as a digital download in the US on October 30th, at a $19.99. Okami HD will be PS3 exclusive, with support for Move and resolutions up to 1080p.

Rumors had been swirling about an Okami re-release since June, and it didn’t take long for Capcom to confirm that the game was in development, releasing a new trailer at Gamescom in August. The conversion is being handled by HexaDrive, the same studio that handled a similar HD remastering of Rez.

Okami was very well received critically, often praised for its unique and visually stimulating art style and clever gameplay. Sadly, in a fate that has befallen more than one critically-acclaimed gem, Okami was a commercial failure, selling a mere 280,000 copies in the US and Europe. Nevertheless, it has garnered a substantial cult following in the years since its release. Perhaps this will be the year that Okami becomes the smash hit that critics say it should have been?

Source: Eurogamer

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