The Old Spice Guy has ridden his jet ski lion and found his way to the Avengers tower.

Not only is he the man that your man could smell like, but the Old Spice Guy, whose real name is Isaiah Mustafa, is also something of a comic book geek, and has a burning desire to play the Marvel super hero Luke Cage.

With that in mind, when Marvel needed someone to lend his voice to Cage in the latest Marvel Super Heroes: What The –?! web show, it knew where to go. The What The –?! series is a tongue-in-cheek, satirical take on the Marvel Universe, so Mustafa’s Old Spice-themed performance fit right in. It’s such a wonderfully silly video you can’t help but laugh.

Cage isn’t one of Marvel’s better known heroes, but he was one of the first African-American super heroes to have their own comic series, and is considered a groundbreaking, if occasionally controversial, character. Aside from his comic book appearances, Cage has featured in the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance games, and was a support character in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. Supposedly, there is also a movie based on the character in the works, although it’s been in development for over five years with no sign of ever getting made.

Source: Blastr

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