Non-profit videogame publisher OneBigGame, founded to raise funds for leading children’s charities around the world, has announced the formation of its Board of Directors.

The board will be made up of videogame technical consultant Mark DeLoura, Game Developers Conference Executive Director Jamil Moledina, Kuju Entertainment CEO and TIGA Chairman Ian Baverstock and OneBigGame Assistant Director Susan Marshall.

“I am delighted to be joined by a group of esteemed professionals with such diverse industry experience,” said OneBigGame founder Martin De Ronde. “Establishing our board of directors to work side-by-side our equally senior advisory board marks the completion of our organizational structure and ensures that we can confidently look forward to our launch later this year.” The company’s advisory board includes David Perry of and, Eidos CTO Julien Merceron, Mark Cerny and Chris Deering.

OneBigGame was founded in 2006 “to use the creative and collective power of the videogames industry for other purposes than making a profit.” The publisher seeks to bring together the industry’s top designers and studios to create unique games for the OneBigGame project, with all proceeds going to various international children’s charities. More information about the publisher and its mission is available at

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