Oni Comics Presents “Little Star”



Oni Press is pleased to announce the February debut of LITTLE STAR, a rollicking six-issue drama comic from the creator of Oni’s critically acclaimed LOVE FIGHTS and BREAKFAST AFTER NOON. This all-new series returns Watson to familiar ground–the interpersonal relationships that drive us and define our lives. But while BREAKFAST AFTER NOON examined the ups and downs of a romantically involved couple and their changing world, LITTLE STAR looks at a different type of bond–one between father and child.

“I really wanted to tell a story from the father’s perspective,” Watson commented. “Simon Adams experiences the dirty diapers and sleepless nights along with the joy, panic, and the occasional cute moment. It seems like whenever fathers are characterized in fiction they’re either incompetent or absent. I wanted to present a more accurate picture.”

“LITTLE STAR is another fine example of Oni’s ‘real mainstream’ sensibility,” said Oni Press editor in chief James Lucas Jones. “You won’t find anything else like it in comics, but parenthood is a subject constantly tackled by books and movies and television. Andi is mining classic yet fertile territory and the results are both touching and tickling.”

The format is also a familiar one for Watson and Oni Press. “We’ve been doing a lot of graphic novels lately,” Jones explained. “But Andi’s just so adept at the serial. He knows how to pace a 24-page comic, making each a satisfying experience while still leaving the reader hungry for the next installment. As nice as it is to have the book on your shelf, there’s something equally special about a series of well-crafted comics.”

The first issue sees Simon staggering through a world of pee, poop, and puke as he fills the role of caregiver. The late nights, the early mornings, the exhausting days–other dad’s don’t necessarily understand the work each new dawn holds for poor Simon, and the moms? They know, but they just laugh. Is this what it’s like for everyone?

“Simon is a lot of things, but alone is not one of them,” Watson concluded. “His experience is universal. If I do my job right, readers will know his joys, chuckle at his misfortunes, and empathize with his frustrations. People should recognize the Simons around them and with any luck that’ll make the experience of LITTLE STAR that much more enjoyable.”

LITTLE STAR #1 will feature 32 pages of black-and-white story and art, with a full color cover. With a cover price of $2.99, it will ship to comic book stores in February 2005. Future issues will ship on a bimonthly basis.

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