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Just as the pros are warming up their arms and oiling up their gloves after a long winter off, Oni Press is examining three strikes of a different kind with a new trade paperback collection of the critically acclaimed miniseries THREE STRIKES. Written by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir (NEW MUTANTS, SKINWALKER) and illustrated by Brian Hurtt (DC’s HARD TIME, QUEEN & COUNTRY) this book tells the tale of college student Rey Quintana and bail enforcement agent Noah Conway as they’re set on a collision course that will change both their lives forever. Utilizing a distinctive split narrative style, THREE STRIKES examines the difference between law and justice through two very different eyes in the aftermath of a single lapse of judgment.

image “Some people excel at writing angry,” editor James Lucas Jones commented. “Greg Rucka is probably the king of this in comics. Exposing social injustices just gets his creative juices flowing. With THREE STRIKES, Nunzio and Christina prove that Greg doesn’t have an exclusive on channeling righteous rage into excellent storytelling. In fact, they just might capture his crown if he’s not careful.”

“This was an issue that we simply had to address,” added Weir. “It was a story that Nunzio and I simply had to tell. There was no choice in the matter. But while we had to get this thing out on paper at any cost, we were lucky enough to again land Brian Hurtt as a collaborator. Brian’s passion and artistry brings things to life with the skill of a storyteller twice his age and his experience. It makes an idea we were happy with, a book we’re ecstatic about.”

The laws of physics tell us that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. But Rey Quintana just learned that in life, that doesn’t always hold true. Noah Conway already knew that when it comes to people and relationships there’s often a disproportionate response. Some actions are like knocking over the first domino in a line. You have no choice but to watch the rest fall. Rey used to run with the wrong crowd, but he’s got his act together. He’s making good grades and has a sweet girlfriend. Noah was a boy in blue until he handed in his badge in a failed attempt to save his marriage. Now he’s a lonely bail enforcement agent, desperate to make things right with his teenage daughter. Each man is about to have his world come crashing around his head-all because of a single lapse in judgment.

“While Nunzio and Christina both have some distinct feelings about California’s ‘Three Strikes’ law, this volume isn’t about the politics,” Jones concluded. “It’s about the people–these characters, the choices they’ve made, and the situations they’re left in because of those choices. It’s a sheet of compelling drama laying over a body of twists, turns, violence, and breath-taking action. Regardless of your personal politics, you can’t help but get wrapped up in the tragedy these three have so masterfully brought about.”

THREE STRIKES TPB is a 144-page, black-and-white book, with a full color cover. With a cover price of $14.95, it will arrive in comic book stores on March 3, 2004. It contains harsh language and mature content.

THREE STRIKES ? & © 2002 Weir, DeFilippis, and Hurtt. Oni Press logo and icon are ? & © 2002 Oni Press. Logo design and icon artwork created by Dave Gibbons. All rights reserved.

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