Online Co-Op Comes to Lara Croft on PS3


A month after Lara Croft received its online co-op mode for the 360, the game’s PS3 counterpart receives the same treatment.

Crystal Dynamics has had a tough go at getting Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light‘s online co-op play to work on the different systems it was released for. Last month, the 360 build of the game received the feature. Now, Crystal Dynamics has revealed that online co-op has finally come to the PS3 as well.

The news was broken via a Tweet from Crystal Dynamics: “PS3 online co-op title update is now live! Huzzah!”

The developer, by way of apologizing for the mode’s delays, stated that it would make the first of five DLC packs free for 360 owners. This will presumably hold true for PS3 gamers, too, though it hasn’t been announced yet. No word has been released about when the PC version will get the online update, but hopefully it isn’t too far away.

Source: Eurogamer

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