Warner Bros. is apparently slapping a price tag on your nostalgia, with a compilation of classic Mortal Kombats.

The bloom may have fallen off the Mortal Kombat flower in recent years, but back in the mid-nineties, the series was a pretty big deal. According to a listing on online retailer Shopto, new rights-holder Warner Bros. is trying to recapture some of that lost glory with some classic MK action.

The listing is titled “MK Arcade Compilation” – although that sounds like a placeholder, rather than a final name – and seems to be exclusively for the PS3. According to what few details there are, the compilation will be released on November 12th, and collects Mortal Kombat 1 & 2 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. The listing also says that it is “the first MK to have a high definition aspect.”

This wouldn’t be the first time that the classic Mortal Kombat games have been released on modern consoles, as MK2 is available on PSN right now, and Ultimate MK3 was available on XBLA until it was removed in February due to “publisher evolving rights and permissions.” It’s not outside the realms of possibility that Warner Bros. might want to build up expectations for the new Mortal Kombat with a re-release of the classic games, but we’ll have to wait for an official announcement to know for sure.

Source: VG247

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