OnLive Planning Wi-Fi Support, Huge Weekend Sale Begins


OnLive is kicking off Labor Day weekend right with the announcement of new features and offers that will save users money.

If you’re the type of gamer that would use the OnLive cloud gaming service, this will be a great weekend for you. OnLive recently announced that it’ll be holding a sale on all of it’s titles through Labor Day, that its founding members offer has been extended through the end of 2010, and that Wi-Fi support is in the works.

For current users, every single game is available for 50% off until the end of the weekend. That’s a pretty good deal even if you aren’t getting a physical copy. OnLive also announced that its founding members program that gives users a free year of OnLive service (aside from game purchases), has been extended through the end of 2010. Sign up by December 31 and you’ll be able to use OnLive free for a year.

While those are very good announcements, I’m happier about OnLive’s reveal that it’s finally planning to implement support for Wi-Fi connections. Currently, the service won’t even run if your computer isn’t hooked up to the internet through a wired connection. OnLive says that Wi-Fi support will be added “soon” through an initial beta program.

The ability to have sales like this one is going to be key to any kind of success for OnLive, just as massive sales are one of the primary reasons to buy games through digital delivery service Steam. Wi-Fi support doesn’t hurt either, just as long as OnLive can get it working properly.

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