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The new countryside setting of The Following is filled with secrets and treasures to discover. Some of the best new items are locked behind unique crates that are only be opened with specific devices; the hacking tool and the military keycard. Learn how to get your zombie-smashing hands on these items with our guide.

In Dying Light: The Following, hero Kyle Crane leaves the dense city of Harran to explore the countryside with his very own upgradeable buggy. There are tons of new weapons to collect; shotguns, SMGs, and old-west style revolvers. The best firearms and buggy blueprints are locked inside keycard-required crates.

Similarly, Developer Blueprints are always inside hacking crates. Once you’ve got the tool, grab these extra special blueprints with locations on our Dying Light: The Following Easter egg weapons guide. For even more Easter eggs, check out how to earn the special The Following Easter egg ending with a map and gallery to help you find every component.

Hacking Tool & Military Keycard Locations Guide

A lockpick isn’t enough to open every locked crate in The Following. Instead, you’ll need to find special NPCs and accept quests to earn the unique Military Keycard and Hacking Tool — each allows you to open one specific type of crate.

Military Keycard Crates always contain an Experimental Vehicle Part blueprint, and a firearm of some sort. Often you’ll be able to find totally unique antique weapons.

The Hacking Tool Crates are special, too. These always contain a Developer blueprint. These rare blueprints are basically “cheat” weapons or items, usually an Easter egg or an additional feature that isn’t quite finished. Some of the most unique weapons are developer weapons, and they’re usually supremely over-powered.

Both unlocking devices are useful in their own way. Check out how to get them for yourself in each of the following sections.

How to Get the Military Keycard

In the main story path of The Following, Kyle Crane travels to Jasir’s Farm and completes tasks to increase trust with the community.

Along this main questline, you’ll complete a mission to restore water. Continue helping out Jasir’s Farm, and eventually the man himself will call you.

Following “The Gathering” Jasir will ask you to meet him in the barn. He’ll inform you that a military man in the community died and gives Kyle a Military Keycard.

This special keycard will open all military crates in the game. The Military Keycard can be used infinitely. You can reuse it and open every locked crate in The Following.

How to Get the Hacking Tool

The Hacking Tool is a little trickier to get. Like the previous item, Kyle Crane must complete “The Gathering” and visit the Eye of the Sun. Once he does, the Hacking Tool quest will become available.

At this point in the story you’ll gain the quest “Crash Boom Bang” to investigate a crashed plane. Here, you’ll meet the annoying twins from Harran in a hunting tower.

You’ll also get the Locator Tool. This item remains in your inventory for the rest of your playtime and makes a beeping sound to alert you to unique locked crates — military crates included.

Complete “The Gathering” and continue to “The Great Train Robbery” and finally “Secret Project.” Finish the final mission for the brothers after they call you again to launch their train into the tunnel like a rocket.

With the brothers now gone, look on the wooden table to the right of the narrow entrance and spike traps you had to cross to talk to them in the train car. The Hacking Tool is here and opens every Developer Blueprint crate, including the two Easter egg crates linked above.

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