Another day, another invasion by enormous evil robots from space.

How do you get the ordinarily good-natured Optimus Prime angry? Well, according the latest trailer for Transformers: Dark of the Moon, all you need to do is lie to him about how open you’ve been in sharing information about Cybertron with the general public.

Optimus isn’t the kind of guy who would abandon us in our time of need though, which is lucky because when what looks like an army of Decepticons awaken from a decade long slumber on the moon, Earth needs all the help it can get. The trailer has plenty of familiar faces – as well as Optimus, Bumblebee makes an appearance, as does Shia LaBeouf and John Turturro – but it also shows off some new characters as well. The most obvious is LaBeouf’s new main squeeze, Carly, played by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, but Transformers fans will also probably recognize Shockwave and a robotic bird that is presumably supposed to be a nod to Laserbeak.

As for the movie itself, well it doesn’t look much different from the previous two, meaning that if you enjoyed them, then you’ll probably enjoy Dark of the Moon as well. For those who weren’t so keen on the previous movies, comments from Dark of the Moon’s writers earlier this month suggest that it will substantially better – in terms of the script at least – than its predecessor. How much difference that will actually make to the movie overall, however, is unclear.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon hits theaters on July 1st.

Source: Collider

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