Order Pizza With Your Wii


Feel like gaining back all those calories you just burned off playing Wii Fit? Head on over to the new Japan-only Catering Channel that lets you order pizza, burgers and more directly from your Wii.

Playing Wii games sometimes requires a little more physical exertion than doing something like, say, playing Gears of War. You work up a sweat, you spend energy, you burn calories. Naturally, you get hungry. But if you’re too lazy to whip up a sandwich or even pick up the phone to order some Domino’s, here’s your solution (if you live in Japan): the Demae Channel (Catering Channel), a channel on the Wii that allows you to order food for delivery.

You select your food item of choice from a variety of categories: pizza, sushi, bento boxes, Chinese food, Western food, and others. As far as I can tell, the pizza doesn’t look too great, there’s New York style pasta (??) and the burgers are huge. Once you’ve made your selection, a delivery man shows up at your abode (hopefully on a little cart like in the illustration above) and you pay up. In cash, not Nintendo Dollars.

So far this will probably stay in Japan because it’s a service in partnership with a Japanese food delivery business, but that’s too bad. I know us citizens of Hamburgerland are all about not getting off our couches to eat dinner, and I think this could do decent business with the breed of Wii owners who aren’t fitness-minded moms. Yes, all three of us.

[Via Destructoid]

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