Electronic Arts is expanding Origin with 11 new publishers, beginning with Rift maker Trion Worlds.

If you want people to shop at your store, you have to give them something to buy, and so it is that EA is looking to plump up its selection of games on Origin with the addition of 11 new publishers. Origin currently has over 100 games on offer, which sounds pretty decent at first blush but pales in comparison to the more than 1800 titles up for grabs on Steam.

Over the “coming months,” Origin will begin carrying games from CD Projekt Red, Freebird Games, Recoil Games, Autumn Games, 1C Company, inXile Entertainment, Paradox Interactive, Core Learning Ltd., N3V Games, Trion Worlds and Robot Entertainment. And no, it’s not exactly a blistering lineup of industry heavyweights, but one of the big attractions of digital distribution is the ready access to obscure games produced by relatively unknown companies. Some days you want to play Skyrim, and some days you want to play Crusader Kings 2.

The first new addition to the Origin lineup is the Trion Worlds MMO Rift, which debuted on the platform today in both the standard and Ashes of History editions. For a limited time – although how limited is unclear – gamers who buy Rift through Origin will also receive the Screechling Vanity Pet and the Ascended Gift Pack, which includes a ten-slot backpack, Essences of Health and Magic, Soul Nectar and Words of Might, as a free bonus.

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