Origin Being Re-branded to “EA Accounts”

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The change shouldn’t affect you in the slightest.

EA has just sent out an email to the majority of it’s Origin customers to let them know that their accounts are being re-branded as “EA Accounts”. This is essentially a purely cosmetic change, as all accounts will functionally be the same.

“In the coming weeks your Origin Account will be renamed to an EA Account to better represent all of EA’s games and services. Your account identity, preferences, and order history will remain unchanged,” said the email. “You will continue to use this account and the same login credentials to access all EA games, web sites, and services, including Origin.”

“Your Origin Account credentials are now your EA credentials,” said an EA rep in a follow-up email.

So what does this mean? It seems strange to do this now, considering all the goodwill that the service has been building over the years. Obviously in the early days, when the customer service was lame and the services lamer, it would have made sense to re-brand the service to distance itself, but I would assume that most self-respecting gamers these days can acknowledge that Origin is no longer a name that instantly brings out the torches and pitchforks.

Perhaps it’s to avoid confusion with other similarly named companies?

Source: PC Gamer

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