One of the most acclaimed trilogy of movies the world has ever seen could have been totally different had the original script of Empire Strikes Back been filmed.

Empire Strikes Back was the movie that expanded the Star Wars series into a full blown epic sci-fi saga, packed with love, betrayal and revelations. But had the original script been filmed, the “truths” of Star Wars would have been significantly different.

In Leigh Brackett’s version of the script, the galaxy was a very different place. Places and people had different names and histories, and the familial ties that are a hallmark of the series may never have existed.

So what was different? Well, Yoda was called “Minch” for one, Lando was a clone and Leia wasn’t Luke’s sister. Not only that, but the original draft featured a raid on the rebel base on Hoth by a group of disgruntled wampas – a subplot that nearly made it into the movie, but was dropped at the last minute.

It’s weird to think that one of the cornerstones of geekdom might have been utterly different, but interesting at the same time, especially as some of the concepts made reappearances in later movies.

Source: io9

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