Outlast 2 | All Batteries & Bandages Guide [Genesis Locations]


Stay alive and keep your Outlast 2 camera rolling with all the batteries and bandages we’ve found in Chapter 1: Genesis.

Bandages are a new resource in Outlast 2. Instead of slowly regenerating, you’ll need these limited items to stay on your toes. Blake, the hero of Outlast 2, can only survive a handful of attacks. You’ll often need to use bandages after a single attack.

Making a comeback, batteries will keep your handy camera rolling. Simply using the camera won’t drain the battery, but activating Night-Vision or the new Audio scan mode will kill your camera fast. Always try to keep a fresh stock of batteries ready before exploring the creepy corners of this cult compound.

Survive the opening hours with The Escapist’s Outlast 2 Beginner’s Guide, with 11 tips to help you escape the citizens of Temple Gate.

Batteries & Bandages | Ch. 1: Genesis

[Work-in-Progress] Check back soon for more battery / bandage locations. Warning: Batteries / bandages may be partially randomized.

The Crash

Bandages #1: Found in a case near the helicopter crash site.

The Compound

Batteries #1: In the small house with the note on the path, look on the shelf in the back left corner of the kitchen with the corpse.

Bandages #2: Past the dead cow, look for a door you can open on the left. Found in a medicine box on the shelves to the left of the interior entrance.

Batteries #2: After leaving the mass grave cellar, you’ll encounter your first enemy. Look underneath the shed, on the stack of wooden pallets, near an auger, to get this battery.

Batteries #3: On the window shelf, in the back of the prison in the church basement.

Bandages #3: After unlocked the prison basement door with the key, you’ll enter a small washroom. The bandages are near the sinks to the left.

The Fields

Bandages #4: Find these bandages in Ethan’s cellar, on the shelf on the left wall after dropping down.

Batteries #4: On the way out of Ethan’s home, grab these batteries on the shelf to the right.

Heretic Cave

Batteries #5: Found in the heretic sacrificial temple in the cavern. Look near the corpse on the ledge opposite the altar.

Temple Gate Town Square

Batteries #6: Up the hill path in the far back-left from the strange, illuminated well.

Jessica’s Death

Batteries #7: On the small step stool in the hallway of the school dream.

The Chapel

Bandages #5: On the workbench in the back left corner of the basement, after escaping the killer mob where you’ll dodge pitchforks through the floorboards and stomp through the shed to escape.

Bandages #6: Push the wheelbarrow to climb the gate after leaving the school house, then enter the shed to the right, past the cross with the praying woman. Stay away from her and go to the shed to get this bandage.

Bandage #7: Follow the main path through the town past the school house. Go through the path on the left side through the township to find another bandage.

The Road to the Mine

Bandage #8: In the nursery, with the whispering woman and the dead child bodes in the tiny coffins. Find the bandage on the sink.

Bandage #9: Inside the barn you can crawl inside, after Marta appears past the mill sequence.

Batteries #8: Leaving the mill behind, you’ll have another run-in with Marta, the tall woman with the cross, and have to run. Slide into the barn with the hole in the door to get a note, a bandage, and an extra battery.

Inner Demon

Batteries #9: On the teacher’s desk, in the second classroom to the right, from the scribbled hangman drawing on the wall.

Found batteries or bandages that we missed? Let us know! We’re searching for more.

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