Outlast 2 | All Recordings Collectibles Guide [Genesis Locations]


Uncover Blake’s personal thoughts and learn more about the nightmarish cults (yes, there’s more than one) in Outlast 2 with all the recordings and notes found on Chapter 1: Genesis.

There are two types of collectibles in Outlast 2 — video footage and notes. Both appear in the “Recordings” folder on your camera, as Blake helpfully snaps shots or records events as they occur in-game. Both provide extra insight into the mysteries of the Temple Gate community.

The “footage” is the most fun to find. Whenever Blake finds something particularly interested in the environment, or watches a scary event unfold, you’ll begin recording. Watch for the red circle to fill, then check your camera database to rewatch and hear Blake’s thoughts.

Survive the opening hours with The Escapist’s Outlast 2 Beginner’s Guide, with 11 tips to help you escape the citizens of Temple Gate.

Table of Contents – Collectible Locations

Recordings Locations | Ch. 1: Genesis

[COMPLETE] There are 55 Recordings and Notes found throughout Chapter 1: Genesis.

The Nightmare

Recording #001: Automatically obtained in the intro.

Recording #002: Automatically obtained in the intro.

The Crash

Recording #003: Record the helicopter crash site.

Recording #004: The body of the pilot, strung-up on the tree beyond the crash.

Recording #005: Record the town in the distance after sliding down from the short canyon.

Note #006: Enter the second house you encounter and look on the table with the corpse.

Note #007: In the bright area of town with the stable (and dead cow), turn left and look for a door you can open near a burnt corpse in the darkness. The note is on a table in the center of the room.

Recording #008: Follow the path past the corpse of the cow to a dead end with a “tragedy wall” over a barbed wire fence.

Note #009: Found in the sacrificial manger, before leaving the cellar.

Note #010: After escaping the first killer, climb up into the loft in the barn using the cart on wheels. The letter is next to the lantern.

The Compound

Note #011: Just after the bright white flash that halts the cultists, look on the ground on the left side of the path before reaching the church. There’s a body with a note next to it.

Recording #012: Take footage of the church building, found after that bright flash of white light.

Note #013: On the altar, through the door to the right after entering the church.

Note #014: Inside the prison, in the church underground, drop into the hole in the center to find this note on the metal grating.

Note #015: Go up the ladder from the prison to reach the living quarters. Go upstairs here to find a note on the desk.

Saint Sybil School

Recording #016: Back in the school, look on the blackboard with the suicide note in the music room.

The Fields

Recording #017: After sleeping in Ethan’s cellar, break through the floor to escape and find his dead body. Record the corpse.

Note #018: In the same room as Ethan’s corpse, still in the house, take the note near the bed, to the left of the exit door.

Recording #019: After crossing the water and finding the bridge, you’ll encounter crucified heretics to the right. Record the corpses.

Note #020: Before reaching the cornfields, turn left at the burning heretics and enter the small covered shed. There’s a seating area with a note — don’t miss the extra bandages and batteries here.

Recording #021: As you enter the cornfield path, run the the far end of the road and record the woman dragging the body on the other side of the locked gate.

Note #022: After escaping the cornfield and hopping over the fence, you’ll drop down with a farmhouse on the left. Run on the porch, and look on the floor near the locked door. There’s a very easy-to-miss note here.

Note #023: Found in the loft of the barn, after pushing the wheeled cart and escaping the cornfield. Found in the room with the chain you’ll need to interact with.

Heretic Cave

Note #024: On a stool near a statue of Mary, down the hill after getting knocked out of the barn loft.

Recording #025: After escaping the barn, you’ll get another flash of bright light in the distance. Record the area and capture the flock of dead birds on the ground.

Recording #026: Through the canyon, you’ll crawl through a pitch-black cave and exit into a chamber with a massive strange edifice. Record the winged figure to unlock a audio clip.

Temple Gate Town Square

Recording #027: After leaving the heretic cavern, you’ll get a good view of the town in the distance.

Note #028: Enter the first house of the town, through the broken steps and find this note on a desk opposite the hanging skinned corpses.

Note #029: In the same house as the previous note, go to the second floor and find this to the left of the exit window, on the desk before pushing the shelf.

Note #030: When searching for the generator, hop the fence on the main road to the left and look down for a tiny basement window. Crawl inside the house through this window. Enter the interior basement room to find the note on the desk.

Note #031: In the same area as the previous note, go to the fourth house on the right of the main path. The lights are on inside. Go around the back to find a window you can climb through. Move down to the basement and push the tool container to find a secret room with this note.

Note #032: On the workbench near the generator room, on the top floor of the warehouse.

Recording #33: After exiting the elevator (the one that requires the generator to power up) you’ll reach the Temple Gate sign. Record the large plaque illuminated by the spotlight.

Note #034: Exit the elevator to the upper part of the Temple Gate Square, and turn left from the sign. There’s a dead body on a tree in the corner by the fence with this hard-to-spot note.

Jessica’s Death

Recording #035: During the third school dream, record Jessica’s suicide in the hallway.

The Chapel

Recording #036: Record the woman chained to the bed at the far end of the secret path in the basement of the children’s bunk building.

Note #037: Past the chamber with the corpse of the woman chained to a bed, you’ll have to crawl along the ledge to pass the pit full of corpses at the bottom of the well. Find this note on the ledge facing the pit.

Note #038: Once you drop down into the old school house basement, enter the optional room directly to the right. Look on the bookshelf.

Recording #039: Record the bloody scene with the dead teacher and the blackboard writing.

Note #040: In the attic of the old school house.

Note #041: Once you drop out of the school house attic, look for a baby carriage with this note before pushing the wheelbarrow and hopping the fence. Find it in the corner.

Note #042: After pushing the wheelbarrow and climbing over the gate, look in the work shed to the right, behind the praying woman and the Christ statue.

Note #043: Located on the raised wooden porch in the back-left corner of the open town area. Grab this before pushing the wheelbarrow and summoning Marta.

Note #044: After jumping the gate and escaping Marta, enter the first house with the unlocked door on the right. Enter the bedroom and push the shelf to find a hidden room.

Recording #045: Ahead, record the large church in the distance. You’ll go inside that church shortly.

Note #046: On the path up to Knoth’s chapel, look to the left when you approach for an open gate that leads into a graveyard. There’s another pew with a document to the left, through the gates.

Note #047: In the lobby of Knoth’s church.

The Road to the Mine

Recording #048: After the scene with Knoth in the church, record the two torture victims after the church leader’s entourage leaves.

Note #049: After jumping down from the water tower, enter the house with the woman and dead children. The note is in the second room, past the cradling woman.

Note #050: Leaving the house with the dead children through the window, immediately turn right. There’s a campfire with a lone passive cultist. Look to the boarded-up house opposite the fire and climb through the open window. The note is on the table.

Note #051: When Marta appears near the path to the slaughterhouse entrance, turn around and follow the left path toward the barn. Crawl through the opening in the doorway to find this note on a desk inside.

Recording #052: Record the disgusting hanging corpses in the slaughterhouse passage after escaping the cross-wielding woman.

Note #053: In the slaughterhouse, after collecting the hook, enter the bloody chamber with the cow corpses to find a note in the back corner.

Note #054: Blake remarks that he’s finally on the path to the mines. Ahead, you’ll reach a creepy structure up a series of wooden steps. There’s an altar at the base with this note.

Inner Demon

Recording #055: After crawling through the opening above the door, you’ll enter the school dream for a fourth time. Record the wall with the scribbled image of Jessica hanging.

We’re still searching for missing notes and footage. Let us know what we missed in the comments!

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