Outlast 2 | All Recordings Collectibles Guide [Lamentations Locations]


Track down all beached collectibles for Chapter 3: Lamentations with our continuing Outlast 2 recordings guide.

This short chapter mostly centers around The Lake. Using a small raft, Blake crosses the deep, dark rivers and encounters terrifying sights and sounds in the distance. Disgusting heretics skitter just out of view, and murder is around every corner.

Try not to get too spooked, and check out how to find some of the trickiest, most hidden notes available in the game. They don’t get much harder-to-find than this.

Survive the opening hours with The Escapist’s Outlast 2 Beginner’s Guide, with 11 tips to help you escape the citizens of Temple Gate.

Table of Contents – Collectible Locations

Recordings Locations | Ch. 3: Lamentations

[COMPLETE] There are 12 Recordings and Notes found throughout Chapter 3: Lamentations.

The Lake

Recording #076: As you reach the beach, look at the spikes planted in the sand. There are a bunch of heads here — record those heads.

Note #077: To the left of the heads on the beach, there’s a house on a raised wooden platform. To get inside, crawl under the porch to find an opening underneath. Stand up to find the note on a chair.

Note #078: Exit the house, then stay on the shore, moving left. Swim (and stay close to the hills on the left) to reach an out-of-the-way area. Move up to find a sleeping bag with this note.

Recording #079: Up the wooden steps from the beach, you’ll hear a loud sound and a flash of light. Look in the distance, to the left across the lake, to spot a radio tower.

Note #080: Near the raft, look in house to the left of the campfire. It has red painted walls, and a table in the center with this note next to a battery.

Recording #081: On the beach, to the right of the raft, record the “HELP” message written in the sand.

Note #082: Further right, there’s a path that leads back to a cave in the rock walls. The well-hidden cave features a note at the far end.

Recording #083: While on the raft in the lake, take footage of the dead fish that appear. Be quick! A tidal wave is coming soon. Catch the footage before you’re knocked off the raft.

Recording #084: Following the rapids, you’ll reach an area of the water littered with floating bodies. The heretics on the ridge light a man on fire before tossing him into the water below. Record the floating body.

Note #085: After crashing your raft and landing on the beach, immediately look left (past a log) to find this note on the ground. Really easy to miss.

Recording #086: Climb the hills to reach a gruesome display. There’s a torso nailed to a tree, the intestines stretched to connect the other bodies. You can’t miss it.

Raining Blood

Recording #087: During the school dream, go to the Girl’s Locker Room and look in the showers to find a stream of blood pouring from the showerhead.

We’re still searching for missing notes and footage. Let us know what we missed in the comments!

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