Outlast 2 | All Recordings Collectibles Guide [Revelations Locations]


Bring an end to all things with these last four recording locations in Outlast 2.

Outlast 2 ends with a whimper, but that doesn’t mean things don’t get intense. Keep your camera out and don’t miss these four footage recordings found in the final section of the game. They’re easy to miss in all the sound and fury.

There are only four recordings in the final chapter, which constitutes just one sequence in the game. There’s still a nemesis to escape, so it isn’t a walk-in-the-park. You’ll need to navigate a dangerous environment, even if it is relatively short compared to the rest of the game. This is the ending, after all.

NOTE: If you’re worried about spoilers, we suggest completing the game and then coming back to check these collectible locations out. Don’t worry, it’s really easy to return to this sequence through the Chapter Select menu.

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Table of Contents – Collectible Locations

Recordings Locations | Ch. 6: Revelations

[COMPLETE] There are 4 Recordings found throughout Chapter 6: Revelations.

The Apocalypse

Recording #102: While leading a very pregnant Lynn, record the powerful storm that’s ripping the cult compound apart.

Recording #103: Once Blake spots the chapel in the distance, record the chapel. This is the same chapel where you previously encountered Knoth’s torture methods.

Recording #104: Record Knoth’s corpse in the chapel.

Recording #105: At the very end, record the well area surrounding by corpses. Just don’t go too far, or you’ll stumble straight into the ending.

Achievements / Trophies Unlocked

  • Bible Study:
    Collect 40 documents.
  • Ordination:
    Collect all documents.
  • The Road to Damascus:
    Complete 30 recordings.
  • The Apostle Paul:
    Complete all recordings.

We’re still searching for missing notes and footage. Let us know what we missed in the comments!

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