Examine the helicopter crash and explore the outskirts of the cult compound in part 2 of Genesis, the opening chapter of Outlast 2.

As if things weren’t bad enough, it only takes a few minutes to realize he’s now trapped in a very evil place. Stumbling away from the crash site, you’ll find the murdered pilot. The houses ahead are empty, but a certain cellar is just full of gruesome surprises.

The early going won’t feature any nasty murderers — not yet, you’ll have to reach the The Compound to start the true Outlast 2 experience.

Survive the opening hours with The Escapist’s Outlast 2 Beginner’s Guide, with 11 tips to help you escape the citizens of Temple Gate.

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Genesis Pt. 2: The Crash

Waking up from the dream, you’re now stuck in the Arizona wilderness. On a high cliff, tap to escape the helicopter door you’re stuck underneath, and turn around to find a rock path down to the crash site.

  • [Tutorial] You can review important story footage at any time. Whenever your camera is up and reads REC – that footage is saved and available for re-watch.

Jump over the gap, and step onto the narrow ledge to cross it. Moving onto a ledge will automatically place you on the path, then you just need to hold LEFT or RIGHT. To drop from a ledge, press CROUCH.

At the wreckage, bring up your camera and aim at the crash until the red circle fills. This will “record” footage. Check your footage and review the scene to get info on your next objective. In this case, Lynn is still alive – her body isn’t in the wreckage.

The way forward isn’t obvious – to help, bring up the camera and activate Night-Vision to see the dim path beyond the helicopter crash. Drop down from the ledge onto the path along the cliff wall to stumble on another footage opportunity. Near the fire, record the hanging corpse of the pilot.

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