Outlast 2 Walkthrough | Job Pt. 5 – The Last Supper


The symbiotic Scalled appears for a final showdown in The Last Supper, the penultimate section of Outlast 2, Chapter 2.

This length section forces Blake into multiple confrontations with that crossbow carrying killer, the two-headed Scalled leader. He’s not going down without a fight, and the final encounter is one of the trickiest areas to survive yet.

You’ll have to deal with multiple Scalled while the giant takes potshots with his bow. There’s one exact path to victory, and we’ll explain how to bring the monster menace down with the all the steps below.

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Job Pt. 5: The Last Supper

Waking up inside the shack closet, exit and you’ll immediately get shot at! Don’t go through the front door. Slip out the back window and hide. The hunting ground behind the shack is littered with barbed wire traps. Stay low and draw the brute away from his spawn area. You’ll need to lead him away from the right-side (from the window exit) and then run to the ledge.

The area the brute is guarding is surrounded by barbed wire. You’ll need to lose him, then crawl under the wires. You can also sprint and slide, if you’re feeling up to it. Hide on the narrow ledge to the left of the chair on the platform to escape this dangerous situation.


Not that peace lasts long. On the long oak bridge, you’ll come under crossbow attack. Sprint to cover in the rocks, and move low to avoid incoming arrows. Grab a bandage from the Scalled camp, then climb up the rock wall to the left of the tent.

Ahead, you’ll need to use the trees and rocks as cover. Hide and sprint between each piece of cover to avoid taking a direct crossbow hit. As the cliff turns right, climb up and grab an extra bandage from the body.

Dropping down, you’ll be ambushed by an angry Scalled. Fight him off and keep sprinting – he won’t give up like most of these walking corpses. Sprint down the path, slide down, and Blake slides directly into a barbed wire fence. This guy just can’t catch a break.


Captured by the massive hunter once again, he tosses Blake into a coffin and begins burying him alive. Thankfully, the Scalled don’t have a very strong work ethic. They only toss a little dirt on your coffin before walking away. Quickly press the pop-up to bust out of the coffin.

Right next to your shallow grave, there’s a pair of batteries! There’s also a crawling Scalled, so don’t stick around this area for long. Immediately run left, and watch out for crawling Scalled in the weeds. Follow this path to a fence, and slide underneath to escape the crawling fanatics.

The camp ahead features a note, a battery in the right tent, and a bandage in the left tent. Move on from the camp and you’ll encounter another impassable wall with a lynching just beyond. Climb up the rocky steps to the left of the fence and you’ll get a good view of the mines after sliding down the slippery gravel.


Turn right at the view of the mines, and jump into the open window from the rocky path. In the building, Blake needs a rope to climb down the long drop. Grab the note and climb through the opening above the jammed door to enter the cliff village that’s swarming with Scalled – don’t worry, there’s a rope! Remember that hanging man?

Sprint into the village, and use the paths behind the houses on the left to avoid knife-wielding Scalled. They’re not friendly at all, so look to the left side as you run through the town. There’s a hill that leads up to a steep overhang. That’s where you’ll find the rope – interact with the glowing rope tied to a tree, then rush down to the site below to collect the rope from the fallen body.

On the way out of town, that crossbow hunter will return. You’ll have to deal with hunting Scalled on top of that, too. As you leave, stick to the right side of town, using the houses for cover. Duck into the buildings through the windows, and hide under beds if you’re caught.

From the buildings on the right, get to the outhouse, then sprint to the house on the left to avoid the hunter’s arrows. Behind this building, around the corner, there’s a hollow log. Use it to crawl forward – its the only way to avoid the hunter.

Out of the log, sprint back toward the cabin with the rope winch and jump through the window above the door. Blake doesn’t just narrowly escape, he also (inadvertently) leads to that two-headed hunter’s demise. The creature tumbles off the ledge and splatters into the docks below.

When Blake wakes up, crawl through the narrow space to reach yet another dream.

This is just the start of our full walkthrough for Outlast 2. Check out the rest of the parts as we continue to update in the Table of Contents above.

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