Outlast Free on PS4 for PlayStation Plus Users in February

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The next-gen version of indie horror game Outlast will be scaring PS+ subscribers at no cost next month.

Outlast, the indie survival horror game that scared the crap out of us at E3 last year, is heading to the PlayStation 4 next month to bring its nightmare-inducing gameplay to the next generation. And if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’ve got no reason not to give it a shot, since it will be free in February.

Developed by Red Barrels and released for the PC last September, Outlast‘s PlayStation 4 release will mark the game’s first appearance on consoles. The news that it would be free to PS+ subscribers was revealed by Red Barrels on its Facebook page; users of Sony’s subscription service are currently enjoying the free games of January, among them BioShock Infinite and Don’t Starve.

As a PS4 owner and PlayStation Plus subscriber, I’m torn on this one. On the one hand, I love checking out free PS+ games; it’s a great way to try titles that may not have been on my radar before. On the other, I’m a coward and pretty sure Outlast will give me nightmares. Either way, it’s nice to see my PlayStation Plus subscription continuing to pay off on the PS4.

Source: Outlast via Joystiq

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