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Outriders, People Can Fly’s Cross-Gen Co-Op RPG Shooter, Gets New Trailer

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Bulletstorm and Gears of War: Judgment developer People Can Fly have unveiled new details on their next shooter. The Polish game studio has teamed up with Square Enix on a third-person shooter called Outriders. As the new trailer shows, the cooperative role-playing game will release on both next-gen and current systems as it’s set to be available on Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 later this year during the holiday season.

The action RPG will support up to three players cooperatively, although it can also be played solo. There are four unique classes to choose from in Outriders, with three having been revealed so far. The Trickster is able to deal damage by bending space and time in order to quickly get out of the way, while the Devastator is able to control gravity in order to inflict damage in close combat. Finally, the Pyromancer is a ranged class that uses fire to deal out area-of-effect attacks.

People Can Fly specified that while Outriders will have all the depth of an RPG, it will not be a games-as-a-service title. They promise “a complete experience out of the box” and one without loot boxes or any pay-to-win mechanics. They describe this as being the game they’ve always wanted to make as a studio.

The story revolves around human life after Earth, which was destroyed due to war and climate change. Spearheading an outer space colonization effort on a new planet called Enoch are the protagonists of Outriders. However, it doesn’t go as planned as a huge storm sweeps them up and players awake 30 years later to a world filled with dangerous creatures and the surviving colonists engaged in a civil war.

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