Ouya Announces Exclusive From Quantum Conundrum Dev


Loki’s throwing everything he’s got at this disco-happy warrior; too bad he’s already dead.

Ouya, the Kickstarted Android console with over 10,000 developers in its camp, has just announced an exclusive title. This Viking adventure’s created by Airtight Games, which put together Quantum Conundrum. Say hello to Magnus Jones, disco-happy hero of Soul Fjord! Loki’s going to throw everything he has at this hero; unfortunately for the trickster god, Magnus is already dead.

This one’s going to be a rhythm-based roguelike randomly generated dungeon crawl, in which Magnus is fighting for his spot in Valhalla. He died valiantly in battle but – probably thanks to that weasel Loki – his name was somehow left off Valhalla’s guest list, so he won’t be getting into Ragnarok, the end-of-the-world party to end all parties. That means he needs more heroic deeds in order to salvage his reputation, and Magnus will be fighting his way up the World Tree to prove he really is the baddest Viking there ever was. All this takes place in a mythological world shot through with 70’s Funk and Soul; “we couldn’t decide between our favorites, 70s funk or Norse mythology,” says art director Kasey Quevedo, describing the development process, “so we decided to combine the both of them!”

Soul Fjord is a unique game,” says Kim Swift of Airtight, “and the indie-friendly attitude that Ouya brings to the table makes it a perfect fit for the console.” This free-to-play title hasn’t got a confirmed release date; presumably it will be out as soon as the Ouya is.

Source: Ouya

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