Backer rewards include design kinks and software bugs.

There’s still a couple of months to go before the Ouya hits shelves, but early units are already making their way into the hands of Kickstarter backers. The response thus far has been decidedly mixed, with most professional reviews concluding that the console seems more like a prototype than a finished product. The Ouya’s threadbare interface and anemic feature list are problematic, but it’s the noted lag between pressing a button on the pad and things actually happening on screen that sounds like the biggest deal-breaker. As Engadget’s Ben Gilbert noted in his review:

“From games to UI, the lag was a noticeable issue – other journalists we spoke with encountered the same issue. It’s not something that’s impossible to fix, of course. Even Nintendo’s speeding up its Wii U software issues in an upcoming patch, so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see Ouya correcting the lag issue before June’s retail launch.”

“Responsiveness,” along with the dodgy game install process and lack of payment options, is one of several issues CEO, Julie Uhrman, has promised her team will address before the console’s official launch on June 4th.

We will continue to obsess over quality and performance,” she wrote on the Ouya official blog. “For example, we are considering adding additional magnets to the controllers so that the faceplates are more secure-no more falling off during shipments!

“Got more suggestions?” she continued. “Because you will have exclusive access to the system while it’s in development we want to hear from you. We want you to love it!”


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