Over 30 iPhone Fart App in 90 Seconds


During the Christmas season of 2009, iFart Mobile became the number one selling iPhone application. Opened, the floodgates had become.

VentureBeat did the math and on Christmas Day 2008, developer Joel Comm of InfoMedia sold 38,927 copies of his flatulent iPhone app, iFart Mobile, netting a total of $27,249 in net income. One man made nearly $30,000 selling a $0.99 application for a $200 phone, that does nothing more than make a farting sound when you push its screen. The American dream had come true.

Once word broke of his incredible, logic-defying success, everyone and their mother wanted in on the action and suddenly, a diahorrea of apps spewed forth upon Apple’s iTunes Store. The Unofficial Apple Weblog decided to put the stinkers to the test and rounded up a collection of 31 of these applications, which believe it or not, doesn’t even amount to the real number of fart apps currently available within the iTunes Store.

Keep it classy, iPhone users!

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