The future of the James Bond movie franchise may be in doubt, but one of its signature elements – a flashy and over-the-top theme song – will live on in the upcoming James Bond: Blood Stone videogame.

The James Bond movies are best known for sexy women, cool cars (and car chases), thrilling fights and nifty gadgetry. They’re also well-known for having over-the-top full-length theme songs over the opening credits, like the classic crooning of Shirley Bassey for Goldfinger.

However, with the financial troubles at MGM, the future of the James Bond films may be no future at all. Still, there’s a bright spot for Bond fans and people who like overblown theme songs over their opening credits: People are still making James Bond videogames, and they need theme songs.

The above video you see is the opening credits to Bizarre Creations’ Blood Stone, a James Bond title scheduled to hit shelves in the last part of the year. The song is “I’ll Take It All” by English vocalist Joss Stone, who also lends her likeness to the game as the Bond Girl du jour.

Honestly? I think the song itself is a great Bond intro that may be the best we’ve heard since Tina Turner’s epic theme tune to GoldenEye. The video, though? I find it personally underwhelming – and think they could do a lot better with the song they’ve been given – but that’s just me, personally.

Maybe the upcoming GoldenEye 007 remake might warrant a cool theme song of its own.


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