Overwatch Beta Returns February 9 With A.I. Bot Matches

Hanzo from Overwatch

When Overwatch‘s beta returns, it will have a new game mode, and A.I. practice matches.

It’s been a couple of months since Overwatch‘s beta went offline, but it’s re-opening date is right around the corner. Blizzard has now announced that the beta is returning on Feburary 9, and along with the new game mode it teased a while ago, it will also have singleplayer A.I. bot matches.

The list of new goodies you can expect in the beta update are:

  • An all-new progression system
  • Two new maps, including a new game mode
  • Several hero balance updates
  • A variety of Private Game updates, including full A.I. matches

If you were in the closed beta before (not including the weekend stress test), you are guaranteed a spot when it opens up again. Blizzard also says it will sending out several new waves of invites for the new beta, so if you haven’t been invited yet, keep your fingers crossed!

Additionally, for those of you in the Asia region, Blizzard said that the beta will come to you on February 16.

Source: Blizzard

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