Get some summer Olympics-themed Overwatch skins and loot from now until August 22.

Celebrate the Rio Olympics Overwatch style over the next few weeks, with the commencement of the game’s first major in-game event: Summer Games 2016. As part of the event, players can earn special seasonal loot boxes containing over 100 Olympics-themed items, and hit the field with your friends in the latest brawl: Lucioball!

Starting today until August 22, any new loot boxes you earn or purchase will contain at least one item from the Summer Games 2016 collection. Items include the usual sprays, emotes, victory poses, highlight intros, player icons and skins. Here’s a preview of some of them:


One important caveat: you won’t be able to purchase these special Summer Games 2016 items via the in-game credit system. That means the only way to get them is to “roll the dice” by buying loot boxes.

Additionally, the new brawl mode, Lucioball, is a “futuristic spin on soccer,” placing players in fast-paced, 3v3 matches where everyone is Lucio. In this special brawl, Lucio’s abilities have been slightly tweaked. His primary fire has been replaced with a melee attack, allowing him to punch the ball, his Crossfade effects only himself, and his ultimate ability, Sound Barrier, will attract the ball to his position.

At the end of the four minute round, the team that scored the most goals wins.

Read more about the event on the official Overwatch blog. This is the first seasonal event for the game, but Blizzard is planning on having more in the future.

Source: Blizzard

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