The latest PTR update for Overwatch drops nerfs the newest character, Orisa, and on Ana as well.

The newest Public Test Region patch for Overwatch nerfs Ana, and it even nerfs Orisa, the newest character who isn’t even in the live game yet. Orisa was just announced last week, but she’s already getting toned down a bit.

Orisa’s Fusion Driver has had its magazine size reduced from 200 to 150. Her Supercharger ability has also had its cost increased by 15 percent. Obviously, Blizzard felt she was too powerful.

Also getting whacked with the nerf bat is Ana. Her biotic rifle damage has dropped from 80 to 60. Her biotic grenade has had its damage and healing cut in half, with damage dropping from 60 to 30 and healing down to 50 from 100.

There have been a few other changes as well. These include the following:

  • Junkrat no longer hurts himself with his explosions
  • Sombra’s stealth sound effects and voiceover distance has been reduced to 15 meters, and her Translocator cooldown has been dropped from six seconds to four seconds
  • Winston’s Barrier Projector cooldown now starts counting down when the barrier is placed, not when it ends
  • Zenyatta’s Orb of Destruction secondary fire recovery reduced from one second to 0.6 second, and Orb of Discord now targets enemies through barriers

These changes are live on the PTR today, but there’s still no word on when they, and Orisa, will make their way to the live game.

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