Valentine’s Day is the perfect event to either confirm or deny all of those Overwatch ships.

During its Christmas event, Blizzard revealed the relationship status of one of its Overwatch characters. Now, it looks like the game’s next upcoming event will confirm, or at least hint at, further relationships, as it will likely be centered around Valentine’s Day.

Reddit sleuths, digging around in the files for the game’s latest PTR build, have discovered several new voice lines that hint at a Valentine’s Day event. They are as follows:

Mercy, whose real name is Angela, has a close relationship with Genji. She saved him from the brink of death and helped create his new cyborg body. In the comic Reflections, we can see Genji writing a letter that Mercy appears to be reading.

The timing of a Valentine’s Day event seems to match up as well. Since the Summer Games event in October, there has been a special Overwatch event every two months. The last one was the Winter event in December.

Source: reddit.

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