Overwatch Will Have Animated Shorts, Comics, to Fill Story Gaps


Overwatch will have a series of companion animated shorts and comics to help build up the story of the characters and the world.

How do you build “story” and “plot” for characters and the world in a multiplayer-only online shooter? As Team Fortress 2 showed us, with comics and animated shorts. In Overwatch‘s endeavor to be even more like TF2, Blizzard has announced a series of companion comics and shorts that will accompany the game’s launch this year.

Blizzard has built up a name for itself for creating amazing cinematics for its games: something it really showed off when announcing Overwatch through a cinematic trailer. The good news is that we are in store for more cinematics in the lead up to Overwatch‘s launch, with the first one due out by the end of March.

Additionally, six free digital “comic shorts” will “focus on different heroes, such as the deranged criminal duo of Roadhog and Junkrat, as well as Overwatch‘s knight from a bygone era, Reinhardt.” The first of these is due out in April, and will tell us a bit more about gunslinger McCree’s history.

Finally, a fully fledged graphic novel: Overwatch: First Strike will be released sometime later in the year. First Strike takes place before the game, and aims to help explain what Overwatch and how it first got started.

This is a great way to build hype about the game. Overwatch has a really intersecting world with lots of unique characters, and I was wondering how Blizzard was going to take advantage of it.

Source: Blizzard

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