A new video has leaked most, if not all of the upcoming Overwatch event’s skins, as well as what appears to be a new CTF game mode.

We know that Blizzard is planning an Overwatch Chinese New Year event, but aside from a glimpse at new Mei and D.Va skins, we’re not sure what it will entail. However, a trailer leaked online this morning, and though it has since been removed, once something goes up on the internet, it’s almost impossible to bring down, and several other YouTubers have managed to snag the file and re-upload it. You can view it to the right, provided Blizzard doesn’t take it down.

As you can see, there are a plethora of new skins, including what appears to be legendary skins for Roadhog, Reinhart, Zenyatta and Winston that are based on the legend of the Monkey King. Even more interesting is the reveal of a brand-new game mode: Capture The Flag. While CTF is an FPS standard, it has been absent from Overwatch, which features only payload push and control point capture style maps.

It’s not known of CTF will be a permanent edition to the game, or simply a limited-time brawl like the snowball battle of the Christmas event.

According to the trailer, the event will run from January 24 (which is today?) until February 13. Blizzard also stated back in its initial reveal that the event would kick off on January 24, and as Overwatch is currently downloading a background patch, you can expect the event to start today or tomorrow.

Source: GameSpot

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