This time around, you’ll also be able to buy the special Halloween items with in-game credits.

Overwatch‘s Halloween event, which was leaked earlier this week, is now live on all servers. As the leak suggested, the event includes a new, co-op brawl: Junkenstein’s Revenge, and over a hundred Halloween-themed cosmetic items, available exclusively through the new limited-time Halloween 2016 loot boxes.

Just like the Summer Games, every Halloween 2016 loot box will contain at least one special Halloween item. This time around, however, you’ll also be able to purchase the Halloween items with in-game credits – though they do have a considerable mark up. For example, Legendary skins usually set you back 1000 credits, but the Halloween 2016 Legendary skins are triple the price, at 3000 credits.

As for the new brawl, it’s the first ever PvE co-op brawl for the game. You will team up with three other players and face off against a host of eerie enemies, including Dr. Junkenstein himself, Junkenstein’s Monster, the Reaper, a mysterious witch, and a host of shambling zomnics. Players will choose from the Alchemist (Ana), the Archer (Hanzo), the Gunslinger (McCree), or the Soldier (Soldier: 76).

As an added bonus, every single player has been awarded a free Halloween 2016 loot box to help kick things off.

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